Transdott Project

Transdott Annual Meeting

The City of El Puerto de Santa María received last February 24th- 26th the second Annual Meeting of the Transdott Project (Translation of Domestication of Thunnus thynnus into a Innovative Application) in the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU, for the Bluefin tuna domestication, where our company participates.

In our exposition we showed the results obtained during the 2013 season with the tuna larval culture. During 2013 the results were very positive obtaining thousand fingerlings that reach 100 grams after 70 days culture.

The experience ends at the end of November obtaining several specimens that reached 2 kilograms in only 5 months.

The Transdott Project is coordinated by the Dusseldorf University in Germany, which participates together with Futuna Blue España, institutions from Malta, Aquaculture Research Centre (MRRA/MAR), Malta Fish Farming Ltd (MFF); Israel, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research / National Centre for Mariculture (IOLR/NCM), ARDAG Red Sea Mariculture Ltd (ARDAG); and Norway, Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (SARC).

More information about Transdott can he watched in and in the Canal Sur TV Show "Tierra y Mar".



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