Futuna is located in El Puerto de Santa Maria due to several environmental and logistic factors.

Today, the Bluefin Tuna commercial catches are blocked, but the global demand of this fish in the market is increasing.

We strongly believe the Bluefin Tuna fingerlings production in captivity will perpetuate the future of this specie, and that is the reason why Futuna is pioneer in the Bluefin Tuna fingerlings supply.

Our product is destined to the Bluefin Tuna fattening farms in the Mediterranean, which provide to millions of consumers around the world.


Recirculation Technology

We firmly believe the recirculation technology in closed systems is the most appropriate technology to ensure the success of this project.

These facilities are provided with the latest technology, which allows us a total control of the main parameters affecting the fish welfare.

Moreover, the progresses made by the company, and those yet to be achieved, are due not only to the technology, but also to the compromise of the technical team which is a very important part of the project.