Copepod production

Copepods (small crustaceans from the marine zooplankton) represent more than 80% of the natural diet of all the fish marine species during the first days of larvae development.

Having a controlled and constant source of this type of feed, allow the fish larvae to develop earlier, thanks to the natural content of fatty acids, which are essential for the development of the nervous and digestive systems in the fish. The final results are: fish larvae with higher growth speed, no deformities and no pigmentation problems.

Futuna Blue has the rights to use exclusively this technology for the commercial production of tuna fingerlings.

The intellectual property consists in various technological developments included in the European patent call "Aquaculture system to produce fishes using a feeding source for marine fishes including copepods" (the intellectual property is in approval process in USA, Japan and Mexico).

The patent develops: i) a method to produce a feeding source of copepods plankton, ii) a method to feeding the fish larvae with copepods plankton, and iii) an integral aquaculture system to culture fishes using copepods plankton continuously at industrial scale.