Our Team

Futuna Blue España SL counts with a multi-disciplinary and specialized team with a wide experience in all the stages of breeding for the species we work with.

Copepod production

Copepods (small crustaceans from the marine zooplankton) represent more than 80% of the natural diet of all the fish marine species during the first days of larvae development.

Our Species

Grow out Sole

The company has a new grow out facility operating from last year in the industrial plot called "Tres caminos", located in Puerto Real, Cadiz. more information >>.

The project

It is the most important private business venture that actually exists in the Mediterranean to produce Tuna fingerlings (Thunnus thynnus), Amberjack fingerlings (Seriola dumerili) and integral culture of Sole (Solea senegalensis), all produced with sustainable aquaculture methods..